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Many Services include adding Video To your existing web site web Starts at $99.00


Web Design and Video. The world is moving the internet for entertainment and education. Put training video on your web site, offer your visitors an interesting experience and they will return. Contact us for video and web services including transfer of video tape and film to DVD. We can also take your irreplaceable vinyl records and put them on CD!

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We have been in business since 1996, providing web services such as, hosting, development and video services for web. We have built over 700 web site over the past several years. At moderate pricing from $350. NetSpace and the Video Creator are your best bet for a functional and effective web site with video.

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    Buy a domain or ask us to buy one for you.
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    Write your introduction paragraph.
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    Get your pictures, graphics and key words together.
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    Decide what colors you like and a general idea of what you like.